Dr. Rebecca Ashery Therapist in Rockville MD Maryland

Are you experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship issues or lifetime events that have caused you concern?  I use a variety of psychotherapy approaches to help you.  Some of the approaches I use include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) psychotherapy, Interactive Guided Imagery, Exposure Therapy and Human Needs Psychology.  I have had success, using, EMDR for small lifetime upsets especially with men who may have a difficult time expressing their emotions.  EMDR helps people to make psychological connections to resolve these upsets more quickly. 

I like to do short term focused therapy for 4-6 months although I have clients who have been with me a year or longer.  I prefer therapy on a weekly basis initially then taper to biweekly, monthly check-ins and boosters as needed.  I only see adults age 18 and over. 

Prior to beginning therapy, I will talk with you on the telephone for about 10 minutes so that we can determine if we are a therapy-match.  I will want to know if you have had previous therapy and how well you think you have done since that therapy.  I will want to know about your current issues and your expectations of therapy.  I am on some insurance panels. 

Couple Emotional Bonding Relationship Education Program 

This is a special program for couples that need to rebuild and/or enhance their relationship.  It is also for couples that are engaged or contemplating marriage.  Although there are special formats for this program, it is adapted according to the needs of the couple.  Depending on the couple, there are 8-10 sessions.  Each session lasts approximately 1-1/2 hours.  The program is based on a combination of human needs psychology and a handbook I developed called the “Couple’s Crown”.  The Couple’s Crown Handbook gives couples strategies for enhancing their relationship and dealing with conflict so that each one can feel like a king and queen within the marriage.  

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